Main Station
HF through 6m All ModesYaesu FTDX3000Alpha-Delta DX-B, Cushcraft R5
2m/440 FMKenwood TM-V71AJetstream JTB4
6m/2m/220 FMKenwood TM741A Jetstream JTB4 (6m + 2m) + WB224(220)
2m FMMotorola SpectraCushcraft A144-11
440 FMMotorola SpectraCushcraft A449-6S
927 FMMotorola SpectraAstron Wireless 918-4

Mobile #1
2m/440Yaesu FT-400DRLarsen KG2/70

Mobile #2
2m/440Yaesu FT-350DLarsen KG2/70

Mobile #2
2m/440Icom IC-2820HComet DBB-5NMO

2mYaesu FT-250
2m/440Yaesu FT-1D
2m/440Kenwood TH-75A
2m/220/440Kenwood F6A x 2
220/927Alinco DJ-G29
440Icom U82

Over the years, people have given me or I have found for cheap on eBay a good number of radios needing some TLC. Some were functionally broken, while others just had cosmetic damage. I restore them to a respectable state. They are used for various public service events and also as spares.
2m/440Kenwood TM-732A x 3
2m/440Kenwood TM-631A
2m/440Kenwood TM-731A
2mMotorola M120, GM300 (several)
220Kenwood TM331A
440Motorola M120, GM300 (several)

K1IW 447.875 Repeater
447.875 is located in Marlborough MA. Site elevation is 590ft AMSL.

A PL tone of 79.7 is required to access the repeater in analog mode. The repeater also transmits this tone when in analog mode.

The repeater is a Yaesu System Fusion repeater operating in dual mode, connected to a Link Systems RLC-4 controller and a remote base that can access 32 repeaters across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The repeater transmitter feeds a Henry Radio power amplifier operating at the legal limit of 50w.

Digital mode is disabled when the remote base is active.

Currently, all DTMFs must be entered with analog FM (this should be fixed by summer, 2017). Any linking command received while in digital mode will automatically pop the repeater back into analog mode, and then establish the link requested.

One more note: The repeater location is high enough that the remote base may hear other repeaters on the same frequency. The remote base TX PL is set to the one shown in the table, which corresponds to the repeater listed first. Other repeaters that might be heard are in the rightmost column.

Link Receiver PL control
550Link Receiver in CSQ mode (hears everything)
551Link Receiver in PL mode (hear only primary)

Linking Commands - Analog linking currently disables digital mode.
DTMF CodeActionWhen Link RX PL is disabled, you may also hear:
D Disconnect Links, enable Analog/Digital (Yaesu System Fusion) Hybrid Mode
A11 Link to 145.11 110.9Concord, MA
A17 Link to 145.17 67.0Lincoln, RI
A19 Link to 145.19 67.0West Greenwich, RI
A23 Link to 145.23 88.5Boston, MA
A25 Link to 145.25 77.0Norwell, MA
A13 Link to 145.13 107.2Gloucester, MA
A37 Link to 145.37 67.0Coventry, RI
A39 Link to 145.39 67.0Marshfield, MA
A43 Link to 145.43 146.2Belmont, MA
A47 Link to 145.47 136.5Danvers, MA
A46 Link to 146.46 67.0Lincoln, RI
A64 Link to 146.64 136.5Waltham, MA
A67 Link to 146.67 146.2Quicny, MA
A685Link to 146.685 82.5Plymouth, MA
A715Link to 146.715146.2Burlington, MA (KC1US)Holyoke, MA (K1ZJH)
A73 Link to 146.73 88.5Hollis, NH (N1IMO)Barnstable, MA (W1SQL)
A76 Link to 146.76 67.0North Scituate, RI
A79 Link to 146.79 146.2Weston, MA
A82 Link to 146.82 146.2Boston, MA
A85 Link to 146.85 85.4Derry, NH
A865Link to 146.865103.5Sharon, MA
A88 Link to 146.88 118.8Salem, MA
A94 Link to 146.94 114.8Concord, NH
A985Link to 146.985 88.5Brookline, MA (W1UQ)Leyden, MA (KB1BSS)
A00 Link to 147.00 67.0Dartmouth, MA (W1AEC)Saddleback Mt, NH (W1SRA)
A105Link to 147.105 88.5Hudson, NH
A15 Link to 147.15 100.0Framingham, MA
A165Link to 147.165136.5Salem, NH
A255Link to 147.255 67.0Truro, MA
A30 Link to 147.30 67.0Weymouth, MA
A36 Link to 147.36 67.0Newton, MA
A315Link to 147.315 67.0Plymouth, MA (WG1U)Fitchburg, MA (WB1EWS)